Winter and Your Dogs! Tips for Their Safety

Winter is slowly creeping in for most of us in the United States.  Many of us are getting ready to take out our sweaters and put away our summer gear.  While we prepare for the winter months, let’s not forget about our 4 legged family members.

Here are a few tips for you and your furry animal to ensure their safety and our piece of mind during the next few months.

1) You may think that dogs are hardy animals who can withstand the cold weather with their layer of fur.  In reality, they get cold too just like us.  Keep a close eye on your dogs while being outside.  The cold weather does not spare any dog.  If your dog doesn’t have much fur, a sweater or a doggie coat may be required.  If they don’t like the winter apparel, don’t force them… just limit their outdoor time.  Now, if you have a dog that must live outside, prepare an environment where they will be shielded from the winter elements.  Also, I believe they sell water/food bowls that are heated so that water and food do not freeze.

2) While being outside with your dogs, take note of any areas of ice.  Ice and dogs do not mix too well.  Your furry pets may slip and possibly hurt themselves!  It may look cute to see them sliding around but the chance of them getting hurt will always be there!

3) If your dog is like any of the dogs that I’ve taken care of, the dog will be curious.  They’ll want to smell, lick and eat anything they find… especially snow.  If you can, try to prevent your dog from eating the snow.  You never know what is under that snow or even mixed in with the snow.  Safety first everyone… keep the dog from consuming it!

4) Antifreeze warning!  At all cost, keep antifreeze away from your dogs.  Antifreeze is bad news for your dog.  If by chance your dog consumes antifreeze, go straight to your vet!  No time should be lost.

5) Lastly, if you see any abnormal behavior from your dog (such as extreme shivering), take your best friend to the vet immediately!

Whether you are fostering a pup or have a dog of your own during these winter months, enjoy your time together.  Get cozy and give your pet nice belly rubs during the holidays.  Happy winter everyone.


Source: Cold Weather Safety For Your Dog

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