Who Wants to Adopt Roxxy?


Petfinder Description:

Roxxy is a 4 year old Lab/Terrier mix that weighs about 40lbs. We think she is part Jack Russell. She was found abandoned in the basement of an apartment complex when she was just a few months old and taken in by a family that treated her as one of their own for the last 4 years. Unfortunately, due to a change in family circumstances, they need to find this lovely girl a new home th
at can give her the time and attention they know she deserves. Roxxy has a minor case of luxating patella and takes a daily Glucosamine supplement. She can have a bit of trouble with stairs, but is otherwise unaffected. She is housebroken and loves other dogs and people, but would do best with an experienced owner and a home where any children are a bit older. She’s relatively energetic but will happily lounge around for the rest of the day as long as she gets a 20 minute walk. Roxxy is spayed and all set to join her new family. If you could be it, please get in touch with Gary at gdmitriev@gmail.com.

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