Welcoming Maggie’s New Friend!

We picked up Maggie from Eve’s Sanctuary adoption event at PetHealthStore on the upper west side of Manhattan today.  Usually when the wife and I go out of town, we have Maggie stay with Eve’s Sanctuary so that Maggie can take advantage of being at these wonderful adoption events.  If you haven’t stopped by to say hi to all of their dogs and cats, you definitely should!  So, we picked up Maggie and decided to foster a second dog for a little bit.  This second dog [pictured below] is also a white female Maltese.   She is younger than Maggie but we’re not sure how much younger.  I will confirm her age with Eve’s Sanctuary very soon.  She does not have an official name yet so this point forward, we will be calling the second dog MOLLY.  Her name is Molly until Eve’s Sanctuary or anyone else can give us a better name.

Maggie and Molly are great together.  But, I have noticed that Molly likes to bother Maggie while she takes her naps.  Maggie does not appreciate that too much.  Naps are precious to Maggie.  Here are a few photos of Molly and Maggie from today.  As we learn more about Molly, we will post new info on The Doggie Notebook.  If you’re interested in adopting Molly or Maggie, please contact Eve’s Sanctuary.

Where is the exit to this doggie apartment?


Maggie, how do you unlock this door?


Who's in my house?


She better not pee in my house.


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