Walking Around the Neighborhood

I think we really tired out Maggie today.  Since the weather was really nice, we decided to give Maggie a nice long walk after work.  She is getting better at walking with a harness and leash.  During the walk, she met a few dogs.  She really enjoys interacting with other dogs!  There was this one dachshund who wanted to smell her behind.  Maggie decided to lift her leg to give the dachshund an easier time to sniff the area.  She was so accommodating!  For a split second, I thought Maggie was going to take a piss on the dog’s face.  Thank goodness that wasn’t the case or else I would have had an awkward moment with the dachshund’s owner.  In anycase, it was a very nice walk.  Perhaps this weekend, I’ll take her to the dog park right outside of our building and let her run free with the others.

We are hoping to get Maggie professionally groomed this weekend.  She really needs a bath!

Here’s a video of Maggie around dinner time.  She’s just hanging out.

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