Walking a Foster Dog

One of the things that is very unpredictable and at times very hard is walking a foster dog.  You never know what kind of walker you’ll get.  Sometimes a few of these dogs have never been walk on a harness and leash.  As you can imagine, foster dogs w/o leash experience may find it very odd to have a leash connected to them in some manner.  They fight and sometimes they refuse to move an inch while outside.  So, what do you do?  With Morky and now with Maggie, they’ve both shown hesitation with walking on a leash.  There have been many times when they would sit in the middle of the sidewalk for a good 15-20 min.  Maggie is a bit more comfortable being outside than Morky was.  On the first day we got Maggie, she was very curious about everything.  She even spent a good 10 min sniffing a tire of a Lexus.  She has expensive taste!

By the end of day 2 with us, Maggie began to walk around on a leash w/o any problems.  She still doesn’t like to go in the direction I’d like to go but that’s ok.  I’ll let her dictate where she wants to walk… for now.   But, she will eventually need to learn how to follow her walker.  Here are a few video clips of my wife walking Maggie today.  Good Job Maggie!

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