Waiting For My Guests

Happy New Year everyone!

Plato and I had a blast last night. We had a quiet evening with a few friends to celebrate the end of 2011 and the beginning of 2012.  During the day, Plato got his beauty rest so that he can enjoy the celebrations at night.  He literally slept ALL DAY.

Here’s a few tidbits of things I’ve learned about Plato.

  • Plato likes to wake us up in the morning because he’s bored
  • Plato can out run me in a sprint (This was very surprising!)
  • Plato loves to chase after the basketball ball and tries to fit it into his mouth.  I will try to share a video of this soon.  It’s pretty hilarious.

Here are a few pictures from last night waiting for friends to arrive.

Watching the front door

“When are they coming?”

“They are late.  Oh well, I guess I’ll have to eat all the food.”

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