The One Tooth Dog

As you may have noticed in many of her photos, her tongue hangs out on one side of her mouth.  We are not exactly sure why her tongue prefers one side over the other but it definitely gives Maggie a very unique and unforgettable look.  One thing that people should know about Maggie is that she only has 1 tooth left in her mouth.  The rest of her teeth have been taken out.  The reason is unknown to me but I can guess that it could have been tied to lack of nutrition and/or care during her years at the puppy mill.  With just 1 tooth and 1 hanging tongue, she is now living the life of a domestic dog that loves belly rubs, scratches behind the ears and soft pats on the head.  How does she eat with just 1 tooth?  She eats very carefully!  I give her dry food soaked in a little bit of water… just enough so that the dry food is a bit soft.  She eats it right up.  How about snacks?  I give her snacks that are a bit chewy or soft… but she has had snacks that are a bit harder.  She plows through them w/o any problems at all.  As you can see in the photo below, Maggie is ready for the weekend.  More snacks, more nap time and more belly rubs!  Have a good friday everyone!

Hopefully the webcam will be up and running today(Friday).  You’ll see the exciting world of the Doggie Notebook mansion where you can view Maggie sleep all day long.

If you’re interested in adopting Maggie, please contact Eve’s Sanctuary.

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