The Office Doggie Bed

I have a office/guest room that I work out of quite often.  Right by my desk is a doggie bed.  It all started with my first dog, Chubby, who would come in, stretch out and curl herself up on the bed.  As I was doing assignments for school or working on various projects, Chubby would take her place right next to my desk.  Back in 2010, shortly after Chubby passed away, we fostered another dog by the name of Grover.  Grover did the same thing.  As I was on my laptop, Grover would come in and take a nap.  Instead of the dog bed, he preferred the futon that was in the room.  Morky, the maltese/poodle mix, would also come in and lay next to my desk.  Morky didn’t care too much for the doggie bed nor the futon.  Actually, Morky was too small and couldn’t jump high enough to get on the futon.  But, I bet you that he would have loved being on the futon.  Now, Maggie, our current foster dog has discovered the doggie bed in the my office.  She was a bit hesitant at first.  But after a few sniffs and a few pokes, she realized that it was WONDERFUL.  Since then, she makes a bee line straight to the doggie bed when she follows me into the office.  Maggie is such a great companion!  She’s going to make her future parents very happy.

I love this office bed!

Maggie [pictured above] is up for adoption.  She’s a great gal!  If you’re interested in adopting Maggie, please contact Eve’s Sanctuary.

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  1. jackie says:

    she looks so pretty in this picture!!!!
    – j