The “Getting Ready For Bed” Routine

All dogs have their own quirks that make them each very special.  Maggie definitely has a few.  The one quirk that we recently learned about is her “going to bed” routine.

First, she gets on her bed and starts scratching it.  She likes to make sure the bed pillow is nice and fluffy.

Next, she likes to sniff around a little and may or may not continue to scratch the bed.  There have been times when she would busily scratch the bed for quite a few minutes!

Then, she sits down and stares into space for another few minutes.   I like to think that she’s thinking about her life, the choices she has made and how she will live her life going forward.  And then at the end of her train of thought,  I’m quite sure she starts wondering when she will get her next treat and belly rub.

Finally, she plops down onto her bed and gets comfy.  She will continue to stare into space.  Sometimes she would look back at me to make sure that I’m still there.

After about 15 min, she stretches out and falls into a deep sleep.  Sweet dreams Maggie.

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