The Doggie Bed that Slants

You probably can’t tell from this photo but the doggie bed has a slight slant sloping down towards the Dyson vacuum cleaner.  For some odd reason, Maggie likes to lie on the lower part of the slant… just about where she is in the photo below.  One night, I was working on the laptop when I heard a thump.  I looked over at Maggie and I saw that Maggie somehow rolled down the slanted doggie bed and ended up on her back!  She literally fell off of her bed.  Her feet were dangling in the air with her head turned towards me.  It’s almost as if she was saying “help me, I can’t get up.”  So, of course, I went over to help Maggie and thought this would be a great time to give her a little belly rub!  Over the course of the evening, Maggie fell off of her bed a few more times.  I may have to place a protective border around this doggie bed before Maggie hurts herself!  Be safe Maggie!  If you can’t be safe, then be careful!

If you’re interested in adopting Maggie, please contact Eve’s Sanctuary.

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