The Bark That Woke Up Maggie

The other night we were eating dinner and had the TV on in the background.  On the television, there was a movie with talking dogs.  One of the dogs on TV started to bark.  During this time, Maggie was stretched out on one of the wee wee pads in the kitchen taking a little nap.  At the sound of the bark from the TV, Maggie slowly got up and walked over to the television to see what was going on.  She stared at the TV for a little bit and started to let out a very low growl finishing with a bark.  She continued to bark at the TV, perhaps thinking that there was another dog in the room!  I guess Maggie wanted the barker to present him/herself and explain why he/she was making noise in the apartment.  After a little time passed, she stopped barking and went back to her wee wee pad to resume her evening nap.

Who barked? Who's here?

If you’re interested in adopting Maggie, please contact Eve’s Sanctuary.

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