Ready for Another Week

We spent a very quiet Sunday together.  The wife and I took Morky out for a couple of long walks under the sun.  We wanted him to become more comfortable with the harness and leash.  Also, we wanted Morky to meet and interact with other dogs.  We’re a big believer that dogs can learn from other well-trained dogs.  Since Morky is still on the shy side, we thought that interactions with other dogs may help him become more comfortable being a dog.  I was very busy setting up playdates on Sunday with dogs similar to his size.  I feel like I’m Morky’s agent!

Did you know Morky does not know how to play with toys?  As you can probably tell from the photo below, Morky has no interest playing with the little football.  Maybe he prefers to watch tv, read or play MarioKart?

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1 Response

  1. carol says:

    what a fun blog. 🙂 morky is cute.