Puppies at Animal Haven

Brioche - Photo from Animal Haven

Eclair - Photo from Animal Haven

Let me introduce you to the “Les Pups du Patisserie” crew.  They are of the Bouvier/Pit mix breed.  At the moment they are located at Animal Haven in the puppy room.  I was lucky enough to interact with them yesterday.  While Christine cleaned up their poop/pee mess, I distracted the puppies.  One of the puppies was very interested to see what Christine was up to with her spray bottle and paper towels.  I think the curious puppy eventually took a bite of the paper towel but Christine won the tug-a-war at the end.

So, there are four in total.  Yesterday, one was passed out sleeping in the box.  Maybe he partied way too much the night before.  I was entertaining the other three.  They love belly rubs and head scratches.  One of them tried to untie my shoelace!  Another one thought my ankles were tasty so he was busy licking my ankles.  The other one just plopped on top of my shoe as if he owned me.  Maybe he wanted my shoe.  I know the other one wanted my shoelace.  The seem to be more active than when I saw them on Monday.  Perhaps they are maturing and becoming comfortable with the environment.  If you’re interested in having a look at these puppies, visit Animal Haven at 251 Centre Street.  Note: puppies are up for adoption if they are 8 weeks or older!

Madeleine - Photo from Animal Haven

Macaron - Photo from Animal Haven

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