Playdate with Sammie

One of our good married friends came over with their dog tonight.  Their dog’s name is Sammie, who is a cavalier king charles mixed with poodle.  I’ve been meaning to schedule a few playdates for Morky.  I think hanging with other dogs may help Morky become more of a confident dog.  Morky is still very shy and doesn’t really interact with other dogs.  Sammie on the other hand is such a playful, energetic and happy dog!   Tonight when they first met, they were very interested in each other.  The sniffed each other.  Morky quickly decided that sniffing time was over and started to walk away while Sammie kept on sniffing and sniffing.  To make a long story short, Morky kept to himself and Sammie just ran around like the puppy she is.  I couldn’t expect Morky to open up and become friendly with Sammie.  He still needs time to adjust to his new life in NYC.  Here are a few photos of Morky and Sammie.  Hopefully with additional playdates, Morky will slowly become less scared and more adventurous.  I’m still rooting for you Morky!

I am happy to announce that Morky will be vacating his apartment today.  Yes, he is in the process of being adopted!  There is a wonderful family out there waiting for him.  I’m crossing my fingers that everything will work out!

Who's coming over?

You know I just want to be left alone... right?

I think Sammie is going to eat me... good-bye world...

I'm still alive... for now...

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    cute pic!