The wife and I started to volunteer at Animal Haven last week.  We went last night after work to see how our little furry friends were doing.  To our surprise, the downstairs area was full of puppies!

Many of these puppies are pit mixes.  It seems like pits are plentiful in the NYC area.  Many people may think that pit bulls are angry loud dogs.  Believe it or not, not all of them are like that!  MOST of them are really sweet dogs who just want to play and get petted.

Peaches from Animal Haven - 251 Centre Street NY

Peaches - Photo from

Let me introduce you to Peaches.  Peaches is a Pit/Shepherd/Lab mix.  She’s a very mature 3 month old puppy.  She doesn’t act crazy like the other puppies… but she does get super excited whenever she’s on the leash!  The wife and I decided to give her a bath upstairs.  She was really excited about walking up the stairs but once she got to the bath area, she just stopped and wanted to go back track!  After petting her a little and telling her that she’ll have a lot of fun in the water, she grudgingly walked into the bath area.  Peaches was very calm during the bath.  she was looking over the wall of the bath tub most of the time because we had cats near by who kept on meowing for our attention.  There was a moment when peaches placed her head under my armpit… probably because she was a little nervous about the whole bath experience.  After she was done, she happily walked back downstairs.  She was given a treat for her good behavior!  If you would like to meet Peaches, visit the Animal Haven website( or you can drop by at their location on 251 Centre Street in Soho.

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