Ozzie Went Home Today But Here Are More Pictures!

Ozzie’s parents came back last night and picked up Ozzie tonight.  We are sad to see him leave us but we’re happy that Ozzie is reunited with his parents.   Here is the last set of Ozzie pictures…I promise!

The story behind this photo is pretty funny.  Ozzie likes to take things and run around the house trying to get us to chase him.  He loves this game. He has taken shoes, dish towels, pens and other things that you wouldn’t think of to hide away from a dog.  I think in the picture above, he took one of my socks.  To get the thing back from him, we have to corner him.  Sometimes we corner him so good that he ends up staring at the corner for a very long time.  He would get tired after awhile and he would lay down in that corner.  So, in the picture, he’s hiding in his corner until we left him alone.  Oh Ozzie!

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