November is Senior Dog Month!

Did you know that November is Senior Dog Month!  It sure is!  There are a lot of senior dogs at shelters ready to be adopted.  There are various reasons why they end up at shelters … i’m quite no fault of their own!  Unfortunately because of their age, they are the first to be put down if no one adopts.

Most people choose the younger ones to adopt.  I can understand why because you’ll have the younger ones longer.  More return for your investment?  Also, they usually are a bit more playful than the senior dogs.  I personally like the senior ones with their mellow attitudes.  To celebrate Senior Dog Month, go out and do something nice for a senior dog.  Here are a few things you can do.

  • Volunteer at a shelter and spend time with the senior dogs.  I’m quite sure they’ll love a good pat on the head and a hug.  Don’t forget the belly rub!
  • Give a senior dog a nice walk. I’m sure they’ll love to be taken out to a park and walk around on leaves.
  • If you can, Adobpt a senior dog!  They may not do much around the house but they’ll feel comfort and safe in your home.  They’ll sleep with a smile on their faces.

Magging Getting a Chin Rub


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