Morky and the Blue Elephant

(WFBSSRGASD35) Last week, I decided to bring out all of our dog toys for Morky.  I thought Morky would be so excited to see so many things to chew on.  Unfortunately, he ran away to a corner of the room.. far away from all of the toys.  He had no interest at all!  So, I packed up all of the toys and placed them back inside the bag.  I sat there wondering if Morky even knew how to play with toys.  Well, tonight I decided to try it once more.  This time I took one of our Christmas ornaments that we bought from IKEA a few years ago.  I thought the “toy” was a suitable size for Morky.  Small dogs should play with small toys right?  Anything bigger would probably freak him out.  I gently laid the blue elephant toy next to Morky.  I sat a few feet away from Morky so that he wouldn’t get too nervous.  After a few minutes, Morky turned his head towards the toy and started to sniff.  And then, that was the end of that.  He lost interest and ignored it completely.  There wasn’t much action going on between Morky and the toy after that!  But that’s OK.  Tomorrow is another day for him to sniff the toy… and perhaps one day, he’ll grab onto the toy with his mouth and shake the living day lights out of it like a true beast that he is!

Mork sniffing a toy.

"What is this?"


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