Morky and Rain Do Not Mix

Morky doesn’t like to go out when it rains.  Once his feet hits the wet pavement, he immediately turns around and heads right back to the lobby entrance.  It’s understandable.  I prefer not to go out for walks when it’s raining.  We have a running joke that Morky purposely holds in his pee until we get back inside from his walk.  Once we’re back in the nice warm apartment, he finds a nice little spot to urinate on the floor.  He’s getting better at aiming at the wee-wee pad area.  But half the time, he misses.  I think with a little more practice, he’ll be peeing on the wee-wee pad every time.

Here are a few photos I took of Morky tonight while I was working in my home office.  He decided to come and take a short nap next to my desk tonight.  I hope that doesn’t mean he’ll be up and about all night long!

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  1. This dog is looking cute to me.