Maggie’s Sleeping Habits

Maggie is a house-broken, playful, demanding and puppy-like dog now.  She enjoys waking up at 5:40am and whining and whimpering for me to get up and play with her.  We call her whining and whimpering as her “song”. She loves singing bright and early.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve noticed that she takes naps while laying on her back.  I have a few photos of this down below.  I always thought dogs just slept on their stomachs or side.  Maggie prefers to sleep like a human being.

Maggie is currently back with Eve’s Sanctuary for the next few days.  My wife and I will be leaving the country on a family vacation in Mexico.  I wish I could bring Maggie with us.  She would have enjoyed the sandy beaches and the hotel pool.  But, better judgement tells me that she would be better off with Eve’s Sanctuary enjoying the company of her doggie friends.

While I’m out of the country, Doggie Notebook will continue to live on.  Jackie of Eve’s Sanctuary will be a guest blogger here during this time.  Look out for her posts on the many doggie adventures of Eve’s Sanctuary!

Where are you going Daddy? I don't think there's room in here for me...


Can I Help You? I was taking my nap.


Ok fine. You can rub my belly now.


Take me with you... wherever you're going!


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