Maggie’s New Haircut

Today was the day we’ve been all waiting for.  This morning we took Maggie to our groomers, Paws in Paradise in Park Slope.  We realized that Maggie just had too much hair.  We started to call her the BEAST after the character in Beauty and the Beast.  It was definitely time to do something about her hair!  We didn’t know exactly what kind of cut we wanted her to have.  So, we decided to start from the basics.

  • puppy cut – Let’s give Maggie a very short cut.  We’ll brush her on a regular basis so that her hair won’t get matted as it grows out
  • sanitary cut – Maggie needed a bit of a clean-up around her private parts
  • ear hair plucking – Maggie’s ear had a lot of hair sticking out.  It was time to get it cleaned out!
  • hair between her pads – It was unbelievable to see how much hair she had between her pads.  As she went on walks, the hair would track in dirt, dust, tiny rocks and lord knows what else!  It was time to trim the hair between her pads.

So, here is what Maggie looks now!  Enjoy the photos.

"I love being on this bed!" (Message to Maggie: Don't get use to it.)



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