Maggie’s Bathroom Manners

One thing we were a bit concerned about was her ability to hold in her bodily fluids until we go outside.  For the most part, she waits until her walk times to relieve herself.  While on our at the moment that she is ready to pee, she lifts one leg up and relieves herself.  At first I thought that was pretty strange because I was told that only male dogs lifted the leg to pee.  I guess female dogs do the same thing!  The funny part is watching what Maggie does AFTER she pees.  She likes to use her back legs to kick out and stretch.  She does it with such drama and conviction.  Sometimes she lets her back legs hang back in the air for a few seconds… as if she’s demonstrating a ballet move.  I promise that you will chuckle/giggle when you see this.  I will need to get this on video the next time I remember to bring my camera.

When she needs to poop,  she moves in a very tight circle for a long time.  It reminds me of when ice-skaters do the Biellmann spin.  She moves in the circle long enough for me to unroll a plastic bag and get it ready to clean up after her mess. Perfect timing!

Is Maggie house-broken?  No, Maggie is not completely house-broken.  She has had a few accidents inside.  But, I’m sure with with the proper training, time and patience, Maggie will get better at knowing when and where to go.

Getting Ready for Bed

If you’re interested in adopting Maggie, please contact Eve’s Sanctuary.

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