Maggie and her Wee Wee Pads

One of the things that we bought plenty of are wee wee pads.  You can never have enough wee wee pads!  We knew that most of these dogs coming from puppy mills were most likely not potty trained.  So, it was essential to have these pads handy.  Plus, they are a good first step in helping the dog learn how to be potty trained.  Whether you want the dog to learn how to pee indoors on a wee wee pad or pee outside, it’s important to have wee wee pads available.

In Maggie’s playpen, we cover the floor with the pads just in case she decides to relieve herself.  For the most part, she’s good at going to the bathroom when we’re on our walks.  There are times when she relieves herself on the wee wee pads while we leave her by herself at home.  The funny thing is that after she pees on the pads, she likes to scrunch up the 2 wee wee pads and push them to the corner.   Amazing!  This dog is a neat freak!  When I come home from work and I look into the playpen at Maggie, it’s almost like she’s telling me:

“Look daddy! I peed and cleaned up.  There’s the pile of wee wee pads for you!”

We do have one additional wee wee pad by the kitchen (pictured below).  For some odd reason, she never pees on that one.  She uses that wee wee pad as her ground cover for when she wants to sit or lay down.

In addition to being the neat freak that she is, she likes to somehow move her playpen a few inches from where we placed it the morning.  Perhaps she takes a running start and rams into the side of the playpen to inch it across the room?  I am very curious to see what she does all day in the playpen.  So, I am thinking about installing a webcam and having it displayed on this site.  Would everyone likes to watch Maggie through the webcam? Raise your hands if you do!

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  1. Alissa says:

    I’ll watch the webcam. I enjoy reading your blog!