Hi, My Name is Valentina


Petfinder Description:

Tina, female French Bulldog mix, 4 years old. Tina was owner surrendered becuase of behavior problems that she wont break out it.Tina will need a strong Alpha owner that has experience with her breed and also that can help her with her behavioral issues. She still wont break out of her protection phase, whoever she likes she protects, might take a couple times of feeding for her to trust you around her food and bedding. She is okay with big dogs as long as they dont bully her, any other dog smaller than her, she jumps on and triggers a fight. At 4 years old, Tina wasnt properly house-trained, she will eliminate as soon as she is comfortable on her own alone, not on walks, so she will make mistakes inside the house often. You try to “wee-wee pad” train her but she only uses them to sit on and poops/pees around it.


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