Fostering Mork

Due to certain circumstances my wife and I decided not to adopt a dog at this time.   So, the next best thing is to foster a dog!  We are currently working with Eve’s Sanctuary in their foster program.  We would like to introduce to everyone a little guy named Mork!  Mork is our first foster dog.  He is a tiny guy weighing 6 lbs!

Mork is a shy guy like many dogs who came from puppy mills.  Mork came to us from the great land of Missouri.  During his first night with us, he was very jumpy (still is) and very curious about our apartment.  Over the past 72 hours, we’ve noticed the shyness slowly chipping away.  But, he is still startled by everyday noises.  We think it’ll take some time and a lot of patience for Mork to become adjusted to life in the city.

One thing that we’ve learned is that Mork is a huge fan of food.  Once he hears the “clank” when his dry food drops into his bowl, he perks up and starts to slowly make his way over to his feeding area.  In order for him to actually come over to his bowl, I have to always step away and actually hide.  Again, he’s really shy and a bit timid especially around humans.  Hopefully his shyness will soon go away with time.  If you’re interested in learning more about Mork, shoot me an email or contact Eve’s Sanctuary.

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