Finding Treasures on a Sunday

My wife and I usually give Maggie 4 walks/day… about every 6 hours.  Ever since our first dog togehter, we’ve thought that getting the dog out and about is a very important part of a dog’s lifestyle.  It’s important for  them to get some refresh air, stretch out their legs and get some exercise.  Maggie, our current foster dog, loves walks… or at least going outside!  The moment she sees me putting my jeans on, she knows what time it is! That’s right little one, it is time to take a deep breath of the Brooklyn air and get some vitamin D.

So, we went for a walk around 6pm today.  It was such a sunny and nice day here in Brooklyn.  As we were walking by a garden area, Maggie took notice of a particular piece of bark.  She picked it up and started to carry it with her.  I thought she was going to eat it so I immediately took it away from her and threw near a stone wall (pictured below).  Without hesitation, Maggie bolted and ran to where I threw the bark piece.  She took a few minutes to pick it back up and then she looked at me.  What am I suppose to do?  So, I let her carry it in her mouth for a few minutes but before we went back in, I made her drop it by the entrance of the building.

I gave her another walk around 10pm.  After she did her business, she found the piece of bark again!  The same piece!  This time, she carried it all the way home.  No worries, I didn’t let her chew on it.  I knew she wanted to bring it inside her doggie apartment so I took it away from her again and threw it away.  I know that sounds a bit mean but the last thing I want Maggie to do is start choking on tiny bark pieces.  So to tell her that I’m still a nice person, I gave her a finger puppet that we had in the closet.  The piece of bark is now a long faded memory…I hope!

"I Found Something Cool! If only I can just pick it up with my mouth..."


"Daddy, I'm going to bring this home ok?"


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