Don’t Leave Me Behind

Is Maggie attached to me or am I attached to Maggie.  Which ever the case may be, you can be certain that Maggie will always be only a few steps away from where I am.  When I get up to go to the next room, you could hear the sound of her little nails tap on the wooden floor similar to the sound of a well-trained typist.  When I stop moving and stand still for a moment, the tapping stops.  When I move again, the tapping continues.  Maggie didn’t really follow me around like this at the beginning.  She was more interested in sniffing out all the unknown places in the apartment.   Soon after she understood the layout of the apartment,  she started to follow me everywhere while saying “Don’t leave me behind“. That’s right people. Call me crazy but I can understand dog language.

If you’re interested in adopting Maggie, please contact Eve’s Sanctuary.

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