Chubby’s Bathroom Problems

I had a bit of a scare yesterday when I took Chubby out in the morning.  She usually wakes me up around 6am.  I got ready to go out and I got her ready.  She was wagging her tail furiously because she was so excited about hanging out with daddy… just kidding, she just wanted to go out and smell all the nasty stuff on the sidewalk.  So, we went out and went to her normal spot by the curb to pee.  These days because of her condition I pay close attention to the amount and the color of her urine.  To my suprise, he urine came out red or dark brown.  My heart dropped to my toes.  So, we walked around a little giving her a chance to pee.  She peed red urine again!  This was such a shock to me because just the other day, her pee was normal.  How could it go from yellow to red in a 12 hour period?

We went back to the apt and I was just nervous for Chubby.  During the rest of the day, I was debating if we should take Chubby to the vet.  I eventually made a vet appointment for after work.  Chubby acted scared the entire time we were there but we think she just wanted attention or something.  Luckily, we gave the vet a sample of Chubby red urine.  He’s going to do a urinalysis to see what’s going on.  Later that evening, Chubby peed and this time around, the pee was just yellow.  GREAT!  Also, this morning she peed normally and her urine color was normal.  Let me tell you, this was such a sign of relief.

I’m interested to find out what the reason was for the major discoloration of her urine.  I’ll find out later today.

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