Chubby passed away about a week and a half ago….   Christine and I were very sad because Chubby was a big part of our family.  She woke me up every morning for work (i was never late) and she took me for my walks every day (I mean I took her for a walk every day).  Chubby was a rescue dog.  When we first got Chubby, I whispered a promise into her ear – to help and protect her the best we could until it was time.  She liked what she heard so she farted in the car.

For those who must know, Chubby had been fighting bladder cancer and chronic UTI.  She went to the vet more times than I’ve been to the doctors over the past 2 years.  Now, she’s resting peacefully with all the other dogs in heaven. She’s probably barking at the black, brown and gray ones… i just know it.

Here’s a video that we first took of Chubby during the first year.  After watching it, I now realize that Christine and I have done something really amazing… we got Chubby to lose about 12 lbs from 30lbs to 18lbs. That’s almost half her weight! Check out the video.  Perhaps we can rehibilitate dogs and help them lose weight… we’ll call the company Fat Dogs Gone Skinny Inc. =)

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