Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Dog!

Who said a dog can’t be fashionable during the cold winter months.  For those who are looking for gift ideas for your dog(s), check out WAG.COM.  There are a lot of great products from that are reasonably priced.   Here are two of my favorites.

Check out this coat.  It’s the Pet Life Fashion Parka – Winter White coat.  How can you not like this coat?!  Your dog will be walking around your neighborhood in style!

Pet Life Fashion Parka – Winter White

shop at

We can’t forget boots for the dogs right?  How about these to go along with the coat.  Now, not all dogs will like boots so you’ll need to figure out if your dog will tolerate them.

Pet Life Shearling Duggz shoes

shop at

If you’re interested in these items, visit!

For the rest of the month leading to Christmas, I will be showcasing other products from various online stores.  Hopefully this will help someone with gift ideas for their furry family members and friends!


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