Check out Rouge!

Rouge is a very female  mutt ready to be YOUR companion for life!  Check out her profile on PetFinder to learn more about her.

PetFinder Description:

Rouge is a Heinz 57 mutt and almost fully grown at 48 pounds and approximately 1 year old. Rouge was pulled from a very high kill, rural animal control pound in NC when she was just a small puppy. The rescue that pulled her left her at the vet and stopped answering phone calls or emails. So Rouge has been abandoned twice, and let down by the people who were supposed to help her find a forever home. Instead of living the good life she deserves in a comfy foster or adoptive home, she has literally grown up in the vet office in a cage. The vet techs have taken care to walk her and get her some socialization, but it’s tough in an environment where they all have to work. She knows to do her business outside but is a bit scared of going into the front yard. Rouge is a sweet dog, gets along fine with all people but can have some aggression toward other animals. She does like to play with other dogs – so it is just a matter of figuring out which dogs she likes and working on that socialization. She would do best with an experienced dog owner who will take the time to teach her that there can be love and comfort and freedom in the world. We would like to get Rouge into a home – so even a temporary foster home would be a big improvement on the vet office. Rouge is spayed, up to date on all shots and heartworm and flea preventative, healthy and ready to go into a wonderful loving home. If you want to help Rouge make the step to the next stage of her life, please email for an application.

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