Bathtime and Morky’s First Video

On Sunday evening, Morky went out for his last walk of the day around 10:30pm.  The windy was very gusty and it was pouring!  Poor Morky battled through the elements and went on his walk.  Because of the wind, his head took on the shape of a torpedo.  With every single ounce of muscle he has in his little body, he charged forward into the wind.  After about 15-20 min, Morky decided to call it quits and head back inside.  He was soaked and smelly.  We decided it was time to give him a nice warm bath.  At the end of bathtime, he got a treat and fell fast asleep.

Moments before Bath Time!

Morky's Bathroom

Morky’s First Video
I’ve been meaning to shoot some video of Morky but haven’t had the time to do it… until now!  Here is Morky just running around the apt being chased by my wife Christine.  I’m quite certain the words going through Morky’s head would be something along the lines of… “Lady! stop chasing me!”

(The video quality is pretty poor… I promise the next one will be hollywood quality!)

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