Apartment Hunting for Morky

Last week during our pee and poop fiasco around our apartment, we decided to put in an order for a playpen.  I’ve heard that the first step in training a dog on how to use the wee-wee pad is to get him/her a crate or playpen.  Using a few sheets of the wee-wee pad, you cover the entire floor of the playpen.  And then little by little, you decrease the amount of floor space the wee-wee pad takes up until you have one single sheet of the pad. By that time, the dog should be able to pee/poop right on the pad.  Well, it FINALLY came today!  Morky took a liking to it immediately.  Here are a few photos.  We now call the playpen “Morky’s Apartment”!

On a side note, I’ve finally got around to creating a Facebook page for this blog.  I’m thinking it’ll be easier for those with Facebook accounts to get the latest updates on the blog through their own Facebook news feeds.  So, if that’s your type of thing, go on ahead and “Like” the Doggie Notebook Facebook page!


It's pretty spacious. I like pink. How much is it? No matter - Andy got the dough. I'll take it! Where do I sign?


Come on in. I saved the red blanket for you to sit on. Let's talk about what I'm going to eat for a snack later tonight.

Maybe I need some curtains. Bed Bath and Beyond run this weekend?

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