RIP Chewy

Today, we suddenly lost Chewy.

I noticed just the other day that Chewy had a hard time peeing. He couldn’t pee. I became extremely worried. It brought back memories when my first dog, Chubby, die from bladder cancer. Chubby couldn’t pee and was force to walk the rainbow bridge.

I rushed Chewy to Banfield Hospital at my local Petsmart. They did everything they could to save Chewy. We couldn’t rush him to the nearest Vet ER. Chewy was fading quickly and wouldn’t survive the ride. We had no choice but to comfort him until the rest of the family arrived at Banfield to say our last goodbyes. The kids didn’t know what was going on but Missy certainly did. It was an extremely sad moment for all of us.

Chewy has now walked over the rainbow bridge into doggie heaven. He’ll be missed. We love you Chewy.

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