Well, Hello there Alex & Freddy!

Petfinder Description: [Link]

Meet Alex and Freddy, sweet, young poodle mixes who got a new lease on life after being pulled from a high volume shelter. Alex is a poodle maltese mix at around 12 pounds, Freddy is a poodle terrier mix at 20 pounds. Both are incredibly sweet and loving, but are nervous and considered special needs due to their escape artist tendencies. We are looking for someone who is willing to work with them, socialize them, and build their confidence. And because they’ve become bonded, we are looking for one home for the both of them. We are looking for experienced applicants who live inside the city in a home with cats or other dogs or kids.

Since both have a history of running away, we are seeking a home for them inside New York City only. If you are interested in adopting Alex and Freddy, or would like more information, please email

See more at: http://www.mightymutts.org/alex-and-freddy.html

Alex & Freddy2 Alex & Freddy3

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