We Call This Saturday

Today was a great day for everyone.  Just to give you some background on Perla.  Perla came from a family who didn’t really take her outside.  She was extremely uncomfortable walking outside let alone just being outside.  We decided to take it really slow with Perla this morning and just slowly introduce her to the outside.  With that in mind, we carried her to the park where she could just sit and smell nature.  To our huge surprise, she started to walk on the grass and sniff at everything!  She’s still not completely comfortable with walking outside but she’s getting there.  I think with tons of patience and love, she’ll soon be running and jumping like all the other dogs at the park.



Our other foster dog, Chewy, is also doing great.  He is such an animated, young, and lively pup who just wants to say hi to everyone on the street.  He loves chasing our cat, Lexi, around the house and he loves to wrestle with Perla.


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