Learning More About Indy

I have to say that Indy is such a sweet pup. She loves getting belly rubs and lots of attention. One of the things that we are noticing is that she’s getting her appetite back! She’s starting to eat everything in her bowl (wet food). We were a bit concerned about her not eating but i guess with any stressful situation, one can totally lose his/her appetite.

I’d also like to report that Indy is potty trained, meaning that she poops and pees outside. In her case, you can see that she’s ready to go to the bathroom once she starts sniffing the ground constantly for a few seconds. She’s trying to find the perfect spot. For her future family, i’d advise letting her sniff as soon as you get outside. After she goes to the bathroom, then you can give her a nice brisk walk.

The last thing i’d like to report is that Indy does bark at times. Her barks are pretty loud. So, that’s something her future family should be mindful of. Of course, controlling her barking can be done with training. She usually just barks at unfamiliar loud noises and people she is unfamiliar with.




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