Jewels – Nov 27 Update

Jewels has been with us for a few weeks now. She’s become such a wonderful pup and she loves the family environment. There are a few observations we’ve noticed lately.

  • She IS crate trained. She has no problem going into her crate. We like to crate her when we leave the house. We also like to crate her during meal times. She sleeps in her crate night w/o any problems.
  • She loves WALKS! She’s a lot better with being on the leash now. She doesn’t sniff around as much as my other dogs and she does not pull. She’s a great walker!
  • She will JUMP on you. At the moment, that is how she will greet you if she hasn’t seen you in awhile. This is something we are working on with her. We want her to not jump and wait for us to give her attention.
  • She loves TOYS. She’s always chewing and playing with the toys here.
  • She loves BELLY RUBS.
  • She loves to PLAY WITH OTHER DOGS.
  • She does give out puppy bites
  • She loves to sleep by our fireplace each and every night… with her toys.

I will continue to observe her and keep everyone updated. She is still looking for her forever home. If you’re interested, please contact Poor Paws Rescue!

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