Indy is Settling In with the Crew

Today is Indy’s first full day with the rest of the crew here. She’s still warming up to our dog Bella. Bella still feels that it is not fair to come from the only dog in the house to having to share her home with 2 other dogs plus a cat. Our other dog Chewy loves to follow Indy around. Sometimes Indy tells Chewy to back off but Chewy, being the playful and friendly pup that he is, continues to follow Indy around in hopes that she will play with him.

Also, we finally got Indy to eat something today. Lately she hasn’t had much of an appetite. We realized that hand feeding her wet dog food works like a charm. I’m glad to report that Indy finally has something in her stomach.

After spending some time with Indy, we have learned that Indy is totally a lap dog. She loves sitting on my lap and just relaxing. Also, like most dogs, she loves belly rubs.

Here are a few photos from her first full day with us.




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