An Update on Jewels – Nov 14, 2019

Jewels has totally come out of her shell and has become a spunky, high energy, lovable puppy! She loves running around with Jack and Bolt. The three of them are always chasing each other, fighting over toys and chillaxing(chilling and relaxing) in their beds by the fire.

Jewels came to us as a very timid and scared pup. She didn’t do much of anything for the first few days. Her confidence has grown exponentially since her first day with us. She is more comfortable with Missy and I and she now demands belly rubs every chance she gets.

Jewels have spent some time with our cat Lexi. At first, I didn’t think she knew what Lexi was. Has Jewels seen a cat before? Well, I have to say that she was very curious about Lexi. They get along great now.

Also, Jewels is very good with kids. We have 3 daughters and Jewels loves them. She might be a bit jumpy especially if she hasn’t seen them for a few hours. But I think that’s true for most puppies. Even Jack and Bolt get extremely excited when anyone enters our front door.

As for walks, she’s getting much better with walking on a leash. At first, she was a hot mess. She’d get her self tangled up with the leesh and she would walk right at my heels which made it hard to do anything! She’ll still need some leash training/practice but she’s making great progress.

She’s going to make such an awesome family dog! Here are a few photos from today of Jewels. If you would like to meet Jewel, she’ll be at the Poor Paws Rescue adoption event this Sunday Nov 17 from 11am – 2pm at the Petsmart (2101 Hwy 35, Homdel, NJ).

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