All About Perla

Perla has now been with us for a week and it has been quite a joy getting to know her and watching her interact with our other dogs and cat.  Perla came to us as a very shy and timid puppy.  She did not like being outside and she definitely didn’t want to go for walks.  We took it very slow with Perla to ensure that she gained our trust first.  Here are a few things we’ve learned about Perla and these are the things that her future family should know about her.

  • She knows how to sit when you say “sit”
  • She is wee-wee pad trained and will go to the bathroom outside
  • She is a lap dog
  • She loves to cuddle and gives kisses
  • When she sees people she is unfamiliar with, she will bark at them.
  • She will bark when she hears someone at the door
  • She loves treats and she is very trainable
  • She interacts well with other pets (dogs and cats)
  • She is crate trained but she whines a little bit at night

DSC_0006 DSC_0008

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