A Nice Day At the Park

The other day our friend Emily came by to help us with walking the dogs.  We also had a special doggie guest who we watched for the day.  He is the white english bulldog pictured below.  His name is Thor, 4 month old puppy.  It was a great day for a group walk. The weather was perfect.  All of our dogs enjoyed the freedom of running on the grass and getting some sun.  In the picture below, we have Thor by Emily’s feet.  And then we have Bella on the left, Chewy in the middle and Perla on Missy’s lap.



The picture below is of Perla just relaxing. She is truly a lap dog.  And, we are happy to say that she is starting to get over her fear of going for walks. She actually ran with the other dogs in the park.  She’s up for adoption at Eve’s Sanctuary.



Here are a few other photos of the dogs just relaxing.


This is a photo of Thor needing a break from all the walking and running.


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