About Doggie Notebook

Hey folks, I’m Andy and thank you for visiting the site!

I have never had a dog growing up in Virginia.  But, I’ve always been curious about them.  As a kid, I’ve always wondered what it would be like to take care of dog(s) that looked very much like the stuffed animal dogs you would find at toy stores.  Well, in 2007, a part of my life changed and I was very fortunate to have my first dog…her name was Chubby because she was fat.

I guess that’s how my story began.  I’m a champion for their well being and I’m a supporter of organizations that help those four legged friends who have become less fortunate.

I started Doggie Notebook as my way in jotting down my experiences as a dog owner and as a foster parent.  I may not know everything there is to know about fostering and taking care of a dog but I sure hope that through my experiences, I can perhaps shine a light on the many challenges that comes with the territory.

Welcome to the Doggie Notebook!