Monthly Archive: October 2014

More Photos of Lila 0

More Photos of Lila

Lila has been settling in really nicely here. She’s become a lot more comfortable with our apt and with the other dogs. Here are few photos from the other night. Lila loves sitting on...

Dressing up Dogs is Fun 0

Dressing up Dogs is Fun

We decided to bring out a few of our costumes and clothes for our pups to see if they fit. All of the dogs were champs and really let us dress them up.

Lila’s First Day

Lila’s First Day

Lila is adjusting very well with the other dogs. She’s a bit timid at times but she’s getting used to being with Chewy, Bella and our cat Lexi. We’ve learned that she LOVES eating....

Introducing Lila 0

Introducing Lila

Hey, we have a new foster pup in town! Lila is a 9 year old chihuahua looking for a forever home. She’s a very sweet dog who loves to eat and explore our home....

Get Ready To Meet Lila! 0

Get Ready To Meet Lila!

Hi everyone, just a few quick notes to share with you. First, our previous foster dog Indy got adopted by a wonderful family. We are very happy for Indy and her warm loving future...

Indy LOVES Belly Rubs 0

Indy LOVES Belly Rubs

One of the things that Indy really can’t get enough of are belly rubs. The moment I sit on the couch, Indy runs over to me and almost says “is it belly rub time???”....

Learning More About Indy 0

Learning More About Indy

I have to say that Indy is such a sweet pup. She loves getting belly rubs and lots of attention. One of the things that we are noticing is that she’s getting her appetite...

Indy is Settling In with the Crew 0

Indy is Settling In with the Crew

Today is Indy’s first full day with the rest of the crew here. She’s still warming up to our dog Bella. Bella still feels that it is not fair to come from the only...

Introducing Indy! 0

Introducing Indy!

We’d like to introduce to you a wonderful little doxie by the name of Indy. We are looking after her for a little bit until her vet appointment. She’s a 2 year old(I think)...