Monthly Archive: June 2014

All About Perla 0

All About Perla

Perla has now been with us for a week and it has been quite a joy getting to know her and watching her interact with our other dogs and cat.  Perla came to us...

A Nice Day At the Park 0

A Nice Day At the Park

The other day our friend Emily came by to help us with walking the dogs.  We also had a special doggie guest who we watched for the day.  He is the white english bulldog...

Chewy’s Impromptu Photo Shoot 0

Chewy’s Impromptu Photo Shoot

The other night while we were watching tv, we saw that Chewy got on our couch and started to chew on his bone on top of a blanket.  I immediately grabbed the camera and...

Chewy Loves Shoes 0

Chewy Loves Shoes

One night I found out that Chewy discovered shoes.  He loves taking my shoes and taking it underneath the coffee table.  Here are a few photos of Chewy caught in the act!

We Call This Saturday 0

We Call This Saturday

Today was a great day for everyone.  Just to give you some background on Perla.  Perla came from a family who didn’t really take her outside.  She was extremely uncomfortable walking outside let alone...

Perla’s First Night 0

Perla’s First Night

Tonight is Perla’s first night with us.  She such a sweet 8 month old chihuahua.  We’re still getting to know each other.  Perla loves sitting on my lap and just chilling.  Stay tuned to...

Picking Up Perla Today 0

Picking Up Perla Today

Today we’ll be bringing home a new foster dog.  Her name is Perla and she’s a 8 month old Chihuahua.  I’ve learned that she’s a bit shy and scared to go outside.  I can’t...

Bath Time for Chewy 0

Bath Time for Chewy

One of the first things we did when we brought Chewy home was to give him a bath.  We weren’t quite sure how he would react to water so we took it slow.  Missy...